C&D, the leader in industrial digital printing.

Technology and experience in printing, production for advertising and visual communication

C&D Printing (alias Grafiche C&D) is the leader in industrial large format digital printing, with a production area of more than 3000mq located in the beautiful Conegliano Veneto city (in north Italy, Treviso), active since 1974 in the world of production for the advertising and, in more modern years, specialized in large format digital printing.

Using the most up-to-date HP printers allows us to offer the best solutions to any communication needs, with graphics and visual innovations, and - at the same time - to increase the quality for the best Customer satisfaction.

The high quality service and the full range of rigid, flexible and non-standard materials make C&D Printing the ideal partner for any visual communication needs.

The always up-to-date printing technologies, experience and know-how ensure production speed, costs optimization and - of course! - the customer satisfaction.

C&D Printing is present in both Italy and Europe market.