Direct flatbed printing with Hp Scitex FB7600

Printing with Pantone® Orange and spot or glossy varnish

High-productivity industrial flatbed printer, optimal for multiple rigid supports (forks panels, k-mount, wood, plexyglass, cardboard...) very versatile.

Super fast, optimized for text printing with finest printing details. Wide chromatic range and uniform gradations with greater homogeneity in rendering of color tones thanks to the addition of Pantone® Orange.

It also features glossy varnish print for total image coverage (plastification effect) or spot-paint for visual effects.

Highest available printing speeds on the market with up to 8 inks for great visual effects and vivid, brilliant colors.


stampa diretta su piano

stampa con pantone arancione

stampa con Hp Scitex FB7600

stampa varnish

stampa con vernice a copertura spot

stampa con vernice a copertura lucida

stampa con UVA