Animated Dynamic Lightbox, the bright new!

lightbox animati per aeroporti lightbox dinamici per vetrine

Dynamic Lightbox: turn your advertisement on life!

The first RGB dynamic lightbox can animate static graphics printed on a traditional Pearl-canvas! 

Thanks to our software (patent pending) we can design animations together with the customer to create bright animations in a very short time and providing interchangeable canvas and animations (on chips!)

Highlight the main features of your products!

Interchangeable canvas and animations!

Dynamic Lightbox controls brightness, position and color of each single LED to simulates an LCD screen at a much lower cost.

Turn your ideas on life with our Dynamic Lightbox!

Dynamic lightbox makes possible to create new advertising standards, much more effective than before in attracting customers attention and in showing the product features, by capturing the audience in an interactive way.

novità lightbox dinamici animati

Shop windows, stands, squares, fairs, events: the RGB dynamic Lightbox are perfect in every place and in any occasion.

Available in classic dimensions (up to 2.5mt height, 1.5 width) in the new design aluminum or wood structures (as shown in the video) or in the traditional standard box, base on the ground and full height.

Hardware/Software patent pending C&DPrinting (aka Grafiche C&D)

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