Lightbox, backlit boxes with Pearl canvas

The only ones with the original "easy apply" the interchangeable canvas system. Light up your ideas!

Classic lightbox - or backlit display - to be used in events, fairs, shops, offices, shopping centers, airports and more. Our lightboxes comes with the unique original "easy apply" canvas system.
Supplied with aluminum or wood structure and printed pearl canvas, interchangeable.

WHITE LED (4000K - 6000K) or RBG
• Mono or bi-facial structure
• Aluminum or wood structure
• Custom dimensions
• Customizable coloring and varnishing
• Printed and interchangeable Pearl canvas
• Original "easy apply" canvas system

Technical features

Our LED backlit display are customizable not only in the print, but also in the structure: natural or colored aluminum frame, wood frame, fixing system (recessed, suspended...) mono or bi-facial structure, and depth of the box.