Innovative Printing Materials

materiali innovativi proposti da grafiche C&D

Innovative materials for prints and productions by C&D Printing

stampa su sandwich

Sandwich panels printing, excellent for photographic exhibitions, billboards and totems for fairs and events

The sandwich panel is made with an expanded foam interior, completed in "sandwich" by two pvc sheets. This feature makes the support rigid but extremely lightweight.

stampa su polionda

Polionda® panel printing. This polypropylene corrugated sheet inherits both features: to be a cheaper pvc support than any other rigid material and to be extremely lightweight. 

Polionda® is the polypropylene corrugated sheet by definition. In order to be printed, it needs good experience to avoid low quality results by the presence of internal canals. 

stampa su plexiglass

Plexiglass printing inherits the excellent features of a transparent or semitransparent support, rigid and very durable, with great flexibility of use.

The best result is with direct flatbed printing, for example with high-impact photographic prints, but also perfect to be shaped, for example, suspended or hanging plates of different types

stampa su mdfMedium-density fibreboard (MDF) printing

MDF is a panel made by breaking down wood residuals into fibres and combining with wax and a resin binder, forming with high temperature and pressure. It is generally denser than plywood. 

MDF surfaces are particularly smooth, thanks to the sanding done after pressing to obtain a finish similar to the paper!

stampa su forex

Print on Forex

The Forex is a PVC closed panel easy to assemble with unique features of lightness and rigidity.

Thanks to its smooth, white color surfaces, printing results crisp and it's best used for direct flatbad printing.

stampa su DiBondDiBond® printing

Light weight, excellent flatness and bending stiffness are characteristics of great value for flatbed printing on dibond.

stampa su cartone e cartonato alveolareTraditional, corrugated and honeycomb cardboard printing

Cardboard can be printed on both sides, thanks to the excellent stiffness and affordability of this material.